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Why do used vehicle warranties make sense?

Warranties for used four & two wheelers make practical sense by providing financial security against unforeseen repair costs, granting worry-free driving, and including maintenance services to keep the cars & bike in prime condition. Extended coverage options offer customizable plans catering individual needs, making used vehicle warranties a smart investment.

Used Sedans

These vehicles are often used for daily commuting and family transportation. An extended warranty provides peace of mind by covering unexpected repair costs, ensuring that your sedan remains reliable for the long haul.

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Used SUVs

Plan to use the SUV for both city driving and off-road adventures? With the potential for more wear and tear, an extended warranty helps protect your investment and ensures that you can explore without worrying about unexpected repair bills.

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Used Luxury Vehicles

Luxury cars often come with advanced technology and complex systems, which can be costly to repair. Extending the warranty provides assurance that you can continue to enjoy the premium features and performance without the financial burden.

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Popular Two-Wheelers

Warranty coverage for used two-wheelers from popular brands typically offers assurance against unexpected mechanical failures, providing peace of mind to buyers. These warranties include essential components and sometimes extend to optional add-ons.

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Classic Bikes

Warranty options for classic bikes offer valuable protection for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. These warranties typically cover essential components, ensuring the timeless beauty and mechanics of these bikes are preserved.

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Premium Two-Wheelers

Warranties for used premium two-wheelers provide a safety net for those seeking luxury and performance. These warranties often cover advanced components, electronics, and offer extended protection, ensuring a smooth and worry-free ownership experience.

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Why choose our used vehicle warranty?

For over two decades, we've been committed to delivering top-tier used vehicle warranty solutions to people across India. Today, we proudly stand as India's largest extended warranty provider.

We've forged partnerships with more than 38 reputable manufacturers and over 5500 trusted dealers. This extensive network allows us to offer unparalleled warranty plans for used/ pre-owned 4 & 2 wheelers, ensuring that your investment is protected and your peace of mind is guaranteed.

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Extensive Coverage

Our warranty plans offer comprehensive coverage for a wide range of vehicle components, ensuring that customers are protected against unexpected repair costs. Our plans address a broad spectrum of potential issues.

Customization and Flexibility

We understand that every vehicle and owner is unique. This flexibility ensures that customers get precisely the protection they require, whether it's for a pre-owned luxury car, or any other type of used vehicle for regular use.

Proven Expertise and Reputation

With over two decades of experience and a strong network of partnerships with reputable manufacturers and trusted dealers, we have earned a reputation as the leading extended warranty provider for used four & two wheelers.

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