Best Warranty for Two Wheelers/ Four Wheelers
Comprehensive Warranty for Two Wheelers/ Four Wheelers

Do Two Wheelers/ Four Wheelers

Yes! Definitely! Two wheelers/ Four Wheelers are very vulnerable to wear and tear, especially when driven on busy Indian roads. Scratches and dents here and there are a common sight.

Since two & four wheelers are more fragile, they need more maintenance and repairs. That's where our warranty comes in. You don't need to worry if the original warranty on your scooter or car is close to expiry.
We will help.

Types of Two & Four Wheelers

Two & Four wheelers come in two distinct types though different models from different brands have their unique requirements.


Scooters have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are visible on the streets of almost every city in India. The scooter is most suitable for a regular commute to work. A good scooter can also last for several years with regular maintenance and quick repairs.


We’re clubbing all kinds of cars in this category, including hatchbacks, coupes and convertibles. Cars are the most common type of private transport after two-wheelers like bikes and scooters. These vehicles usually come with extensive manufacturer warranties but once they expire, the expenses can start mounting.
With our car warranties, you can protect yourself from these costs and keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Need?

Many people don't know what kind of warranty they need for their two & four wheeler vehicles. There are two options to choose from:

1. Comprehensive Warranty: This warranty is, as the name implies, a full-coverage policy. It covers your entire vehicle and all of the issues that may pop up with it. A strong comprehensive warranty will save you thousands in repair costs.

2. Extended Warranty: If your two & four wheeler is already under manufacturer's warranty but the date of expiry is close, an extended warranty can help. An extended warranty helps increase the existing warranty period by a few years or a specific mileage limit, whichever comes first. You can choose an option that works for you.

Worked with Reputable Brands

We have ties with some of the most well-known Indian and international brands. We work with them to deliver the best warranty and services to our clients.

We cover major two & four wheeler brands.

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