Electric Vehicle Warranties Tailored to Your Needs!
Do Your Electric Vehicles Need Warranties?

Yes! Electric vehicles are less vulnerable to wear and tear than vehicles with combustion engines but that doesn't mean they don't need coverage at all!
Protect your cutting-edge electric cars with a comprehensive extended warranty from Corporate Warranties.

Electric Cars

Electric cars have an increasing presence on Indian streets. But Indian streets can be brutal! With our extended or comprehensive warranty, you can get top-notch protection for your precious EV car.

Buy EV car warranty today for some peace of mind.

Electric Motorbikes

Electric Motorbikes are quick and convenient. They also have a great mileage on them. With an extended warranty, you can ensure they stay by your side for a long time.

Get comprehensive electric motorbike warranty from Corporate Warranties today!

Electric Buses

Electric buses make cities cleaner and less polluted. But they also need more maintenance than any other vehicle around. Keep them in top-shape without additional costs.

Yes! We provide warranties for these EVs as well.

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What is An Extended Electric Vehicle Warranty?

An extended warranty is when a car manufacturer or a third-party provider. As the name suggests, an extended warranty is an extension of the warranty a vehicle manufacturer provides.
For example, if your manufacturer provides a three-year warranty and the coverage is just about to expire, you can get an extended warranty from us.
With this service, you can ensure your warranty coverage stays put and helps with any repairs down the line.

What is Comprehensive Warranty?

A comprehensive warranty will help you avoid expensive repair bills and save a lot of money. It is particularly necessary for electric vehicles because of accessibility. You may not find a suitable repair service nearby and if you do, it might be expensive
With this warranty, you can cover the costs of repairs without burning a hole in your pocket.
With this service, you can ensure your warranty coverage stays put and helps with any repairs down the line.

Our Esteemed Customers

CWI offers warranty services to some of the most well-known brands in and around India. Our goal is to provide support and help companies deliver a much better experience to their customers.
Our support helps brands build a better image and offer superior after sales support!
Your win is our passion.

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