Electric Vehicles

Extend the joy of going electric with our EV warranty solutions.

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Motorvehicle Warranties

Our warranties offer an extra layer of protection for your cherished ride.

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Electronic Goods Warranties

Extend the lifespan of gadgets with our comprehensive warranty plans.

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Decades of Dedication: Our Story

Since our inception in 1998, Corporate Warranties India Pvt. Ltd. has not only grown exponentially but has also cemented its position as India's premier provider of extended warranty and comprehensive warranty solutions. Our journey has been marked by both organic expansion and strategic acquisitions, enabling us to proudly serve a wide spectrum of industries – from automotive to consumer durables and electronics. At Corporate Warranties, our story is one of relentless dedication and a steadfast commitment to providing unmatched warranty solutions.

Corporate Warranties, with 28 regional offices & 24 years of expertise, stands as India's foremost warranty solution provider.


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Discover Our Range of Services

Reliable Protection for Your Precious Ride

We understand the importance of protecting your vehicle investment. Our comprehensive coverage ensures you can enjoy the open road without worries, backed by our trusted warranty services.

Customizable warranty plans

Coverage for varied vehicle issues

Hassle-free claims processing

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Your Electronics, Our Warranty

We offer comprehensive coverage for a wide range of electronic devices, providing peace of mind against unexpected repairs and ensuring your gadgets continue to serve you reliably.

All-encompassing protection

Support and repairs just a call away

Over two decades of experience

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Protecting Your Investment, Mile After Mile

Checkout our warranty solutions for used/pre-owned vehicles. We understand the importance of safeguarding your investment, thus making sure that you can enjoy the open road without worries.

Comprehensive coverage

No disruption to your journey/finances

24 years of industry experience

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Warranty Expertise for Individuals and Enterprises

At Corporate Warranties, we specialize in providing tailored extended warranty solutions to meet the diverse needs of both individual customers and businesses.
For individual customers, our extended warranties provide peace of mind, ensuring that your valuable electronics, vehicles, or appliances are protected against unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Our flexible plans offer comprehensive coverage that extends the lifespan of your investments.
For businesses, we offer a strategic advantage by enabling you to offer extended warranties as part of your product package. This not only enhances customer trust but also drives customer loyalty and satisfaction. With over two decades of experience, we are your trusted partner in delivering top-tier warranty solutions.

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